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Reviews from Our Satisfied Clients

"I want to thank you and your office associates for all of the dedicated legal work performed for me.
From the date our association began 2006 until today, you have provided nothing less than excellent service. My case had many complexities…. You helped me navigate the system, with Family Court determining the children's father should have his parental rights terminated. That judgment would not have been possible without your outstanding work and understanding of Delaware family law, the court system, and finally, what would absolutely be in the best interest of my children's health and welfare.
As you continue to represent me today, I have full confidence in your abilities to continue to perform excellent work, always with a true caring of me as a client, as well as a mother."

(a workers compensation claims specialist, represented in divorce, custody, and termination of parental rights)

“You are the man! You just made my life turn around.”

(a U.S. Marine, deployed to Iraq, relieved to learn of a successful outcome in his case)

“Mr. Hitchings, I think your services were excellent. You always kept me well informed. [My ex-husband] and I are OK with the child support situation. I hope I will not need your services in the future but I will recommend you to my friends”

(a hospital technician represented in a divorce settlement which included child support)

“Mr. Hitchings: I haven't thanked you lately, but thank you for the wonderful job you have done for me. Thanks for believing in me. Sometimes my road has seemed lighter with your help.”

(a restaurant manager represented in a divorce and visitation dispute)

“Tim, I am very satisfied with the services you provided and I appreciate the great work that you have done.”

(a retired corporate manager represented in a divorce property division)

“Dear Mr. Hitchings, I have finally received communication…regarding the complaint filed against me…. I am convinced that your writing on my behalf was a great help in achieving this result.”

(a nurse, unjustly accused of neglecting a patient)

“Dear Tim: I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support over the last year. Now that it's over, I feel about ten years younger! …My re-fi was approved; my credit score was almost perfect (thanks for pushing me on paying the debt down).

(an exercise trainer, represented in a divorce)

"It was a long, tough journey, but I have found the light at the end of the tunnel...just want to say thank you for all you did to help me out and get to the light!" (a contractor sales coordinator, represented in a divorce and custody dispute)

“Thanks for all your help over the past few years. You helped make my divorce a painless event.”

(a sales associate represented in a divorce case)

“Dear Tim, I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for helping [my friend] last Wednesday. I thought that you did an excellent job in representing him and I really admire you for working in this area. What you do says a lot about the greatness of the legal profession…”

(the friend of a mentally ill man)

“Success! Thanks for everything, Tim.”

(a son, thankful for services provided to his disabled father)

“I think you have done very fine work, with exactly the low-key, non-confrontational style that I thought would be most effective”

(a university professor assisted with a divorce)

"Mr. Hitchings--with thanks for your generosity of spirit and expert legal advice over the last three years. (a minister, represented in a divorce, able to return to serve in another country)

“Dear Timothy, Thank you so much for everything you did. My children and I can finally start healing. We know it will take a while. My family and I really appreciate it. We can get on with our lives. Your thoughtfulness will always be remembered.”

(a mother, defended against her abusive ex-husband in a visitation dispute)

“Tim: Thank you for being so patient with me.”

(a mentally ill woman in a property division case)

“Mr. Hitchings: Thank you so much for all your hard work and diligence for our family. I pray God will reward you 100 fold in your business for helping us. You are an instrument of blessing to our family…Thank you and God bless.”

(a divorced mother in a property division and alimony dispute)

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