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Legal Mistakes to Avoid

13 Mistakes Good People Make in Family Law Cases

  1. Delaying asking a lawyer for help
  2. Neglecting to resolve property issues
  3. Allowing joint credit card accounts to remain open
  4. Signing a joint tax return which underreported a spouse's income
  5. Assuming that, by not visiting children, child support is not required to be paid
  6. Moving out of the home without taking vital information
  7. Moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend while receiving alimony
  1. Agreeing to a poor offer to settle the case "Just to get it over with"
  2. Hiding unfavorable facts from your lawyer
  3. Believing that mothers always win custody & fathers always lose custody
  4. Failing to make all reasonable efforts to protect children from alcohol, drugs, domestic abuse, & witnessing adult sexual behavior
  5. Executing an affidavit to terminate parental rights without making sure the case is complete
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Judge and Attorney — Legal Mistakes to Avoid, DE
Court Trial — Legal Mistakes to Avoid, DE

The Dirty Dozen Mistakes Good People Make in Criminal Cases

  1. Assuming that, because they are good people, they will never be arrested
  2. Dreaming that they can talk their way out of being arrested
  3. Resisting arrest, either by fighting or running away
  4. Speaking to a police officer without having a lawyer present
  5. Taking for granted that, because they are innocent, they will not be convicted
  6. Relying on interrogating officers & prosecutors to look out for their rights
  7. Violating a "no contact" order by trying to work things out with the alleged victim
  1. Supposing that a plea bargain does not count as a conviction
  2. Neglecting to dispose of firearms when required by court order or sentence
  3. Imagining that they were morally justified in committing a crime
  4. Failing to plead "Not guilty by reason of insanity" when a mental illness caused their conduct
  5. Giving up hope instead of calling Tim Hitchings for an Appointment at (302) 999-9434.
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